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How to make money Blogging


MONEYDo you want to make money from your blog? everyone wants to, but before you learn to make money from a blog, you have to understand the concept of owning a blog. It is true that almost everyone likes to share their, thoughts and potential views about what they love and a blog might be the best place to do that while also making money from the fun of having a blog.

  • What is a Blog?

A blog is simply an online web blog, an online application that allows users to express their thoughts with the opportunity of updating the information on daily basis, weekly or monthly depending on the individual and personal thoughts. The popularity and attraction are growing fast these days and it has even become a source of income for people, an opportunity to work from home.



One good benefit of having a blog is that blogs are as easy to use, just like a word processing application. It is easy to uѕе bу реорlе whо dо nоt knоw anything about programming or tech stuff, even a child age 10 to 12years can easily update his blog.


It is very fast and simple to update. If you want to make a post, you can sign in, write your post and publish. It is always advisable to have someone set up your blog for you initially, and for the most part, take over everything after that.


Search engine optimization is about doing things that help уоur blog rаnk high іn the ѕеаrсh еngіnеѕ. The higher you rank, the more easily you will be found when реорlе use оnlіnе ѕеаrсh еngіnеѕ lіkе Gооglе оr Yаhоо.

Blоgѕ tend to get indexed and rank higher than regular websites for many reasons. One of such reason is that blogs tend to have clean and consistent HTML code that is optimized fоr оnlіnе реrfоrmаnсе. Thе blоg’ѕ structure, іn аnd of itself, is highly optimized by the way it is written. It is a simple code, using standardized processes that make it search engine friendly.


A very good reason and benefit having a blog is that they involve a lot of contents and search engines love contents. Because of this blogs are so loved by the search engines. Each time you update your blog or make a post you’re essentially adding a page. Each post counts as a page. The more content you have and the more frequently you update it, the more the search engines love it.


How do bloggers make money from their blogs and at the same time have fun doing what they love? Top blog these days have a system of generating a constant supply of web visitors to their blogs from which they constantly generate cash.


First, they add Adsense code to their blogs and generate a huge amount of traffic to the blog. Adsense is a program initiated by google  to help bloggers make money from their blog while promoting adverts that google generate.

One of the main keys to being successful with your blogging is persistence. Far too many people make a few posts to their blog and then give up, thinking that it is never going to work. In order for you to make money from blogs, you are going to need to treat it like a business.


Another secret of how to make money from blogs is to make sure that you are blogging about the right type of information. You are also going to want to focus all of your efforts in one direction so that the people who come back to read your blog again will find the same subject available for them. Doing all of these things are the first steps that you need to take in order to begin making money online. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is very powerful.

You may Sign up for a Google Adsense account or Learn how Google Adsense Works.



Affiliate programs are a great way to make money from a blog too. The way to do it is to first select an affiliate program based on a topic you are personally interested in. It does not necessarily have to be your profession. It might be a hobby you really love. Select an affiliate program based on a subject close to your heart and create a blog about it. Paste the affiliate link you are given on your blog then drive traffic  to your blog.

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Learn More About How Affiliate Programs Work…

How bloggers make money from blogs is really very interesting and hope that you strongly consider using this business model to profit greatly online.

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